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Bowen Family Systems Theory

Karen has used Bowen Family Systems Theory in both clinical and private practice since 1988. Simply stated, Bowen Family Systems Theory is a particular way of thinking about human relationships with all members of the family viewed as a single emotional unit. Bowen Theory recognizes the important of family legacies and histories over multiple generations. The cornerstone of Bowen Theory is "differentiation of self" or the defining of a self. In defining a self, choices are not merely automatic emotional responses but instead reflect an individuals thoughtful, rational and principled way of being. In Karen's view, Bowen Family Systems Theory removes blame and cause/effect thinking and, in so doing, opens up greater flexibility for all individuals in the entire family system.

Biofeedback (relaxation,meditation)

Karen uses a variety of biofeedback approaches to help clients achieve a more relaxed and balanced life.  Biofeedback uses electronic equipment to monitor people's internal physiological states and gives "feedback" that helps the client learn how to control those states. " Journey to the Wild Divine"  ( www.wildDivine.com ) is a computer game that teaches clients (both children and adults) relaxation and meditation skills.

Neurofeedback ("fitness training" for the brain)

Neurofeedback is one of the most compelling examples of the body's ability to self-regulate and bring itself back into balance.  Neurofeedback training regularly achieves  60% - 80% improvement for the following challenges:

Person-centered therapy

Carl Rogers is often thought of as the "father" of Person-centered therapy. Rogers believed that people are trustworthy and inherently capable of living effective, productive lives.  Warmth, empathy, genuiness, trust and the client-therapist relationship are central in person-centered therapy.


Karen offers a variety of workshops that provide her clients  with a deeper understanding of life's challenges.